Suite For You - Terrible service, stuck up associates.

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I used this service for a corporate apartment during a relocation for my job.They were terrible.

I never got the needed equipment for the gated community. Then after 4 months they decided I owed them money. I gave them my e-mail address, office phone and cell phone they waited two more months to contact me. When they did the PRESIDENT of the company called me as if I was trying to skip out on the bill.

She would not let me talk and tell her what was going on. I was surprised that I owed $900 and tried to explain I just don't have that much money lying around. She continued to talk over and act like a spoiled unprofessional brat. Finally I told her to shut up and loudly stated what I wanted to and hung up.

This "president" then decides to call my company and complain that I was unprofessional!!I would rather have major dental surgery without anesthesia then deal with Sue and Suite for You

Review about: Leasing Service.

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